About the Institute of Bioregional Studies

The mission of The Institute for Bioregional Studies Ltd., is:
To foster community and regional development through research, consultation and educational programs that encourage the adoption of technologies and practices which are deemed to be socially, economically and environmentally sustainable.

Therapeutic Horticulture

Building upon our experience as food producers, mentors, consultants and teachers, we are offering an urban as well as a rural-based Therapeutic Horticulture Program to promote health and wellness while also addressing food insecurity, mitigating climate change and developing new life-enhancing skills to and often marginalized sectors of our community.

A Bioregional Approach to a Local (Food) Economy

A vibrant, sustainable economy and the sovereignty of a region is dependent upon its ability to maintain an agricultural sector that can feed itself, protect the environment and provide a "good life" for future generations. The local food movement is not about market...

Farm Conservation Communities – Land Trusts

75% of farmers have no successor 95% of new farmers are small, diversified, direct marketing entrepreneurs Twice as many farmers over 65 as under 35 years old 8% are under 35; a drop of 46% since 1995 View the entire slideshow presentation here: Farm Conservation...

Green Roofs and Living Walls

Green rooves and living walls are not only decorative. They can also improve air quality, deaden sound, provide insulation, clean water, and provide a host of other benefits. View the entire slideshow presentation here: Green Roofs and Living Walls

Corporate Social Responsibility: a time for change

1953 Social Responsibilities of Business by Howard Bowen first time the term ‘social responsibility’ was used in a corporate book title. 1962 Rachel Carson’s, Silent Spring and Murray Bookchin’s, Our Synthetic Environment leveled serious critique of business’ failure...

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Restoring Community, Protecting the Land and Informing the Earth’s Stewards

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The Institute for Bioregional Studies Ltd. (IBS) is a non-profit, charitable organization (Charitable Status # 88980 9737 RR0001)