The Continuing Role of Agriculture in Revitalizing the Island's Rural Economy


This paper provides an outline of a sustainable implementation plan for restoring and revitalizing the rural economy.

The document includes four sections. The first two, ‘Making the Transition from Investing in Sectors to Investing in Places,’ and ‘PEI Agriculture -The Frog Does Not Drink up the Pond in Which it Lives,’ furnish critiques of solutions offered by The Canadian Agri-Policy Initiative (CAPI) and Tim Carroll’s ‘Leaping Frogs’ allegory.

Section three is a summary of the well attended, PEI ADAPT Conference, ‘Sustaining the Rural Economy;’ held in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island; March 27, 2008.

Section Four titled, ‘Agriculture and Rural Vitality,’ is an outline of some components that should be considered when implementing a sustainable strategy for the agricultural and rural revitalization of Prince Edward Island’s economy. It is by no means intended to be a complete strategy. Instead, it offers a glimmer of what can and will hopefully be a catalyst for ongoing discussion and actions that will create a sustainable and prosperous future.

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Farmer-to-Farmer Participatory Training Course.

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Permaculture: A Prescription for a Sustainable Future

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Preserving Farm Land

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Land Trusts

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"Restoring Community, Protecting the Land and Informing the Earth’s Stewards"